If you walk your dog you'll need (and want) this!

About Us

We’re a family owned company out of Overland Park Kansas. With so many dogs in our family we’re constantly picking up after them with nowhere to store the filled bags when we're out and about. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to walk or run with your hands full of poop bags. Two dogs, three poop bags, and a phone call later we realized we needed something to free up our hands, and the PrivyPak was born. 

Our dogs are part of the family and we take them everywhere we can.  We also strive to be responsible pet owners and always pick up after them in public.  

We're excited about the growing number of pet friendly shops and other venues we can bring them to.  This makes being able to deal with their "business" even more important. Having used the PRIVYPAK ourselves for the last 2 years from development to production (Patent no 10,058,0074), we're confident you wont want to do without it from now on.  We never leave home without it!