If you walk your dog you'll need (and want) this!

Attaching PRIVYPAK to your leash for hands free poop bag carrying. No pooper scooper on the walk-use PRIVYPAK

Feed it through


Remove container and feed hook and loop through openings.

Secure the velcro to the leash


Wrap one Velcro strap through the handle and the other around the leash. 

Apply the Velcro tape


Be sure the surface where applying the Velcro tape is well cleaned. Apply the Velcro tape in a U-shape under the leash at a point above the 1st or 2nd loop in the PrivyPAK. 

Secure to the leash


Secure the Velcro hook side of the straps to the loop tape on the leash body. 



Ensure good adhesion of the tape and strap, and secure the other strap through the handle.  This is the basic position when attached. 

Go walking!


Grab your four legged friends and go for a stroll and don't worry about how you're going to carry it!

Some Facts


Easy open lid, rigid inner container, lightweight, AND offers pets and owners added safety

  • Lightweight streamlined design suitable for running.
  • Reflective properties offering added safety for lower light conditions.
  • Inner container replacements available.
  • Washable outer neoprene 


No waste can in the area, just load up the dog and throw the PrivyPak and leash in the car and unload and go dog walking and then drop the poop in it's place.  No worries of a broken bag while it's in the PrivyPak!  Streamlined for a running dog leash too. The most essential thing next to dog leashes and collars, and a pooper scooper.

Versatile configuration

Attach it to your retractable or loop handle leash. 

Large or small dog

Plastic container insert:

Small 3.25" diameter x 4.75"H

Large 3.25" diameter x 6"H

Weighs less than 4 ounces.






Does this eliminate having to carry poop bags between my fingers during the walk? YES!  Just flip open the lid drop it in, close and go!